Pre-Requirements depends essentially on:

  • Requests: an HTTP library for Python.

  • jsonschema: an implementation of JSON Schema for Python. It is used to validate WTSS server responses.

  • Click: a Python package for creating beautiful command line interfaces.

Please, read the instructions below in order to install

Built Distributions

Linux, macOS, and Windows users can get wtss from the Python Package Index with a recent version of pip:

pip install wtss


If you want to install the Matplotlib support, use the following command:

pip install wtss[matplotlib]

Development Installation - GitHub

Clone the Software Repository

Use git to clone the software repository:

git clone

Install WTSS in Development Mode

Go to the source code folder:


Install in development mode:

pip3 install -e .[all]


If you want to create a new Python Virtual Environment, please, follow this instruction:

1. Create a new virtual environment linked to Python 3.7:

python3.7 -m venv venv

2. Activate the new environment:

source venv/bin/activate

3. Update pip and setuptools:

pip3 install --upgrade pip

pip3 install --upgrade setuptools

Run the Tests

WTSS_TEST_URL="http://your-server" ./

Build the Documentation

You can generate the documentation based on Sphinx with the following command:

python build_sphinx

The above command will generate the documentation in HTML and it will place it under:


You can open the above documentation in your favorite browser, as:

firefox docs/sphinx/_build/html/index.html