class wtss.timeseries.TimeSeries(coverage, data)

A class that represents a time series in WTSS.


For more information about time series definition, please, refer to WTSS specification.

__init__(coverage, data)

Create a TimeSeries object associated to a coverage.


coverage (Coverage) – The coverage that this time series belongs to.

property timeline

Return the timeline associated to the time series.

property attributes

Return a list with attribute names.


Return the time series for the given attribute.


Plot the time series on a chart.

Keyword Arguments:
  • attributes (sequence) – A sequence like (‘red’, ‘nir’) or [‘red’, ‘nir’] .

  • line_styles (sequence) – Not implemented yet.

  • markers (sequence) – Not implemented yet.

  • line_width (numeric) – Not implemented yet.

  • line_widths (sequence) – Not implemented yet,

  • labels (sequence) – Not implemented yet.


ImportError – If Maptplotlib or Numpy can no be imported.


Plot the time series of MODIS13Q1 data product:

>>> from wtss import *
>>> service = WTSS(WTSS_EXAMPLE_URL)
>>> coverage = service['MOD13Q1']
>>> ts = coverage.ts(attributes=('red', 'nir'),
...                  latitude=-12.0, longitude=-54.0,
...                  start_date='2001-01-01', end_date='2001-12-31')
>>> ts.plot()

This will produce the following time series plot:

Time Series


You should have Matplotlib and Numpy installed. See wtss.py install notes for more information.